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Friday, February 13, 2009

So You Want to Be Married - Article # 7

The more we take the time to work on our personalities the better prepared we are for marriage or any other relationships for that matter. And only then can we clearly identify who we are not we can freely embrace who we really are.

You will also realize that in essence you are not different from God and you are not different from your brother. This is love, the ability to see your Self in others.

Whatever we express in thoughts, deeds, feelings or actions, is the product of your character or personality. And if those expressions are not producing peace, order, joy and happiness in our life experiences they are clearly not conveying our true personality.

The experiences that we are currently facing in our lives, whether we judge them as being 'good' or 'bad', are opportunities given to us to seek the fundamental truths that will shed the light that reveals our true character and life purpose.

We are originally divine, therefore Love is our essence. Well what is love? Love is pure energy. It is the divine power that has brought us forth. It is the life of God or the BREATH of God that causes us to live and to be. It therefore flows through us freely as long as we interfere not with its current. Love is the nature of God in us for we are born of God. Inherent in our nature are divine potentialities or power. In essence this power is love. And this is what you truly are - pure energy.

When we become aware of God’s presence in our lives we are awakened to this truth. The better we know God the more aware we are of his presence. This awareness is the basis for our identification in Him. However fear and ignorance often block this awareness.

The better you understand Divine Mind (namely God) the more enligthened you become. Your level of awareness of God determines your level of expression of Life or divine love. It is impossible to discover who you are unless you seek first to know who God is.. Not the head knowledge of some false conception of God or the false image of God that religion conveys, but I am speaking about a personal relationship with your source, first cause and creator. The father of your spirit.

Prior to desiring to be married or to fulfill any other wishes or goals in life our primary focus should aim at becoming a pure vessel or embodiment of Divine love; this is our true purpose and seeking to realize it should be our number one priority.

The knowledge of your true divine self brings about the manifestation of your divine nature. Knowledge is power. The more you seek to know who you truly are the more empowered you become in realizing your divinity and destiny. Love, your perfect self expression will manifest through you and in everything that you do. Love will bind everything together and attract into your life the expreriences that will create peace and harmony.

You may desire to be married or to attract the right person into your life. Or maybe you are seeking to improve your current relationship. Put those desires on hold for a while and desire first to realize your true divine self. This is what Jesus meant when he taught us to seek first the kingdom. It is that desire to be love that will attract loving experiences into our world.

The Holy Spirit is ready to help you discover who you are not so that you can see who you truly are. He is the dispenser of pure life and energy.

The voice for Truth is your ever present help in time of need and He is your Supreme Teacher. Let Him reveal to you what you truly desire to know and allow him to infuse in every fiber of your being the divine substance that will bring about your divine manifestations. Finally do everything in love as Apostle Paul teaches; in other words don't do anything unless divine life compels you to.

I know you may have many desires, among which maybe the desire to manifest the right husband or wife. Or maybe you are already in a relationship or engaged to be married or perhaps you are seeking to improve your current relationship. It is important to desire all of the above. But you must first focus all your energy on what is urgent right now, which is the realization of your true divine self.

This is what the bible means by you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. It is gathering all our energy in getting the divine substance that we need in order to realize our true Self. When are our energy is divided we experience disharmony and disorder. That is why you must first focus on what is urgent right now.

Focusing on what is urgent is the substance (foundation )that you need in order to manifest what is important. Realizing God is the ultimate purpose of your soul journeying on earth. Do what is urgent and what is important will fall into place on its own.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Monday, February 2, 2009

So you want to be married - article # 6

Another major block to the fulfillment of our desire to get/be married, to find the 'right one', or to be involved in a love relationship is our character.

Our character determines the circumstances, situations, conditions and people we attract in our lives. This is why we must understand the underlying cause of our actions and reactions. Even so we must pay close attention to our patterns of responses, specifically when adverse situations arise.

Most importantly we must embrace those situations as opportunities for change. As a matter of fact we should rejoice when facing character issues for they expose the hidden spots of our heart, which is the subconscious. The subconscious mind acts independently from our conscious mind, and it is consistently creating and shaping our life experiences. Our personalities are created out of the activities of the subconscious mind. That is the reason why we must become aware of our heart expressions and manifestations.

However the heart is very sensitive. We must therefore proceed with extreme love and gentleness as we deal with some past issues and events that may have contributed to our personalities, mindsets and belief systems; thus our character.

The key thing to understand is that you are not your thoughts. What you are is eternal and unchangeable. Your origin and your identity in Christ are irrevocable and indestructible. It does not matter the adverse experiences you may have had in the past, better yet it does not matter the current negative thoughts or emotions you may be holding against yourself right now in your consciousness.

The truth is you are what you are. You are the perfect expression of Divine essence -God. Your past does not determine what you are, and whose you are. The current adverse thoughts and false images that you may have erected in your mind are simply blocking your awareness to the natural flow of your pure essence.

God says as far as the East is from the West so far I have removed your transgressions. We sin or have missed the mark of truth when we believe in error. Thoughts such as God does not forgive me, God is punishing me, I am the worst of all sinners, or any thoughts of inferiority, negativity, lack or limitations are 'deadly thoughts'. The more we entertain such thoughts the more we interfere with our oneness with God and His indwelling Spirit inside of us.

Consequently we attract 'deadly' experiences in our lives. When we experience confusion, discord, and unhappiness we fail to see who we truly are and it becomes hard to commune with our Source and abiding in his pure love, which is our essence.

When we fail to do that we express bitterness, anger, hatred, fear and the likes which are major road blocks to manifesting our heart desires; among which our desire to be married.

'Sins', in fact, are 'errors'. The light of truth dispels the darkness of error and ignorance. When we condemn ourselves and judge ourselves and found ourselves 'guilty' we act ignorantly. Our mind becomes blinded by error, and consequently we fail to recognize the life of God in us.

If you find yourself guilty that means you must be punished. You may not consciously admit it but subconsciously you will begin to attract adverse circumstances and situations as a way to punish yourself. And when these experiences show up in your life you will begin to say: "I must deserve it". Think of how insane this sounds.

This is how erroneous thoughts patterns begin to affect our character, and our character our desires and destiny.

You can however choose to stop this insanity right now. You may consciously say you want to be married, but unconsciously you are sending adverse vibrations due to some past or current unresolved issues.

You must first seek perfect peace within through self-acceptance. The Bible says 'as many as received him (the Word or the Christ), to them gave he the right to become Children of God. Now the Christ lives in you. The Christ in you is the TRUE Light That reveals your true Self, that is created in the image of God. Accept your divinity and the perfect image of God that you are.

Enter the closet prayer within and Commune with The Father, the source of truth, mercy, wisdom, peace and love. Do not come out until you are resolved within, and until you become one with your Source. Allow His divine light to reveal your true and unchangeable nature.

If you are dealing with a particular situation that has affected your character and delayed your divine manifestations, embrace that situation and see it as an opportunity to 'put on the Christ'. That is to let the mind which was in Christ be also in you. Jesus always says 'my father and I we are one'. Embrace your oneness with your Father. Claim your divine right, accept who you are today through the eyes of Truth (God).

Right now, yes right this minute, Ask The Holy Spirit in you to guide you to the Light that reveals your true nature, and to give you the strength to overcome the erroneous thought patterns and habits which have kept you in bondage when you were ignorant of your true origin and identity.

Pray incessantly by continuously seeking a refuge within. And as your heart begins to melt into oneness with God's heart you will send out the pure vibrations that can only attract the right person/relationship and ultimately fulfill your heart desire to be married.

I praise the God-life in you,

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So You Want to Be Married - Article # 5

So you want to be married - I hope you are enjoying these articles so far. Well you may wonder why am I not married yet? Well several factors come into play. First you must ask yourself this very important question: "Do I really want to be married?" If your answer is yes, then pose the following, to yourself of course: "Why do I really want to be married?". I can not emphasize on the second question enough because your answer will determine the kind of marriage you will attract into your life experiences.

Many people say they want to be married, but what they really mean is "I want to get married". They merely picture the wedding day which involves, the beautiful wedding gown and veil, bridesmaids and grooms men, ring bearer, ceremony and reception and guest and perhaps the honeymoon. And this is what they plan for - the wedding day. They use all their energy in planning the perfect wedding and zero energy in planning the perfect marriage.

As a result many couples experience conflicts right at the honeymoon, and once the honeymoon is over they begin to face the reality of their marriage. That is why a lot of marriages simply don't work and some end up in divorce.

One of the main reasons for this is because a lot of people get married for all the wrong motives. Others don't have any reasons because they are simply going along 'with the flow' so to speak. Maybe everyone in their family or in their church is getting married so they also feel the pressure to also tie the knot.

Another reason that stands out a lot is the fact that people desires and intentions are not a vibratory match to their words, feelings and actions. What do I mean by that? You often hear people say I want to get married but I don't have enough money. Well 'who is telling you that'? It is the voice of the small ego that is accustomed to seeing lack and limitations. Your higher self, the Christ within is infinite supply.

You must silent this voice by affirming and believing that 'my God shall supply all my needs'. The more you say you don't have any money, the more you will attract lack in your life experiences. All that is asked of you is to only 'believe'. Trust your inner wisdom to unfold ideas that will generate income and open doors for your prosperity, doors that no one can shut.

The other thing that sabotages our desires to get/be married is our underlying fears or negative emotions. WE may say we want to be married but if our feelings are not in alignment with our desires they wont' come to past. Fear is the door way to many negative energies. You must realize that there is but one power/ or source energy - it is Love and it is God. Say "God is all that is and God is omnipresent, therefore I can only meet with 'love' today and every single day of my existence".

You may already be in a relationship. Perhaps it is not flowing as you would like. One of the principal reasons people experience conflicts in relationships is because at least one of the persons involved fails to recognize his/her partner divinity, or the God-life in him/her. We tend to judge and condemn the false personalities our partner display due to our own distorted perception. This is why it is key to first resolve all conflicts first within before bringing them forth.

If we focus on the negative, we are attracting more negative. Stay positive by keeping an attitude of gratitude. Thank God for your partner, praise the God-life in him/her. Acknowledge the divine presence within her. Keeping this attitude will allow him/her to flourish.

Everyone has a story and yours is unique. I don't know if you have come to this point in your life where you are seeking for 'real' answers. Maybe you are wondering why you are unable to manifest your heart's true desires or live the life that you truly deserve. Perhaps you want to know why some people's dreams come true and how come yours simply don't.

If one of your dreams has always been to get married and be married and if this is what you really really want at this point in time in your life, know that it is not too late to realize this dream. If your desire is pure, meaning the underlying cause or motive for being married is none other but to give rather than seeking to receive, to understand rather than seeking to be understood, to serve rather than seeking to be served, know that absolutely nothing can resist love. Love never fails.

Remember that Love is pure energy. It is your natural divine inclination. Allow this free flow of your divine essence energize your every heart desire. Once you emotionalize your dream with this frequency you can only succeed. Abide in love, abide in God and watch every one of your dreams unfold. Let your ultimate motive be to make this world a better place to live. Let this mindset be a consistent reminder of your ultimate purpose here on earth.

Then simply let go and let divine love draw to you all that you need to make you happy and your life succeed. In reality everything that you need has already been given and if you are depraved of love, happiness, joy, peace, this simply means that you have been drinking from broken cisterns (source without) and have ignored the spring of everlasting life (source within).

Be completely satisfied and content with the way things are right now by simply bringing your awareness to the infinite source within and 'drinking' only from it. The more you harmonize yourself with your source the more you become like your source. You will then realize happiness, peace, and joy which are your inner qualities.

That which you are within is expressed without and only then can you awaken it in others. The truth is it is impossible to give that which you haven't realized. The more you realize God, the more you become like God. Become love, be love and give love. Love will surely reward you! It never fails.

Remember you are here to do none other but to express your divine nature. God is seeking perfect expression through you in everything that you do and wish for. Let God be the real motive of your every heart desire. Including your desire to be married. With that sure foundation you can only prosper in all you do!

To your success!

A. Danielle Dagba

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So You Want to Be Married - Article # 4

So You Want to Be Married - Before we begin today's reading allow me to share with you a comment from one of our readers, because I know possibly some of you can relate.

Ok, this is what one of our readers wrote after reading the first article:

"Thank you so much for being obedient to the Spirit in allowing you to write that article on marriage. As God knows our desires and this is an answered prayer. However, for so long I always thought of marriage being as settling down & having children & and being happy and so on... Most of all as a single, I always thought that the anticipation of it was to finally have sex. And I must be real as we are mature adults. But in the long run, these are all illusions on what marriage is... I am looking forward to your insight on this topic.

As I continue to search for my understanding of why I want to get married and what it means to me; I come up with answers such as (although I know that I must first be content with CHrist- Jesus is the Lord of everything) to create divine life with the chosen person. To be the best wife and mother, to awaken Christ in my spouse and so on... Is there a fix answer? or is it an everlasting answer. There is so many ways of defining marriage...

Other questions is, why am I not married yet?? Is there something I need to learn to get there....? what is wrong with me? I've been waiting for so long (for the not so great reasons)? I have been learning why hasn't anything happen yet, but I'm ready.... darnet!!
I'm tired of waiting....

How do you know if that common ground is built?
How do you wait patiently?
How do you prepare/ be ready to embrace your soon to be loved one?"


Wow! My dear friend thank you for your honesty. This is truly inspiring. I believe since then many of your questions have already been answered. What you wrote show a strong desire to be married and I believe many of our readers can relate to some of your frustration.

Well this clearly shows that desire alone is not sufficient in bringing tangible results. The underlying cause of our desires is what truly matters and what makes the difference in the long run. That is why our main focus so far has been in defining the real reason or the underlying cause of us wanting to be married. The more we define what we want the more we understand it and the quicker it will manifest.

We have said that the real cause of us 'wanting or desiring anything' is our thirst and longing for Happiness. It is as simple as that. It is the real reason why we do the things that we do. We define Happiness as being God. Every divine idea has its true substance in God. Happiness is one example. They are countless other ideas such as Peace, love, guidance, joy, etc.

The sad truth is the world has set up some patterns that supposedly provide the way to true happiness. One of those being 'marriage'. So as little boys and girls we grow up with the mindset that once we are married, settled and have children this will guarantee happiness. This false concept has not only robbed us of finding happiness in the "here" and the "now", it has also placed happiness where it is not. Which is outside of ourselves. This erroneous mindset, will in the long run cause us to rely on some outside source, thus ignoring the true fountain of happiness within.

The real truth is whatever lacks divine substance will not last or will not substand, or stand under when trials and tribulations come. If your marriage or the idea of marriage does not have substance (or true meaning) in God, it simply won't stand. This is the ground (understanding) you want to build your marriage upon, or your desiring to be married upon.

This is also why we have made the emphasis of first getting understanding, not as the world teaches but divine understanding. These are the truths that will make you free from the world erroneous mindsets and concepts of marriage. Reading and pondering on divine truths will expand your consciousness into the infinite as you transcend the finite world of limitations and lacks.

Once you learn to tap into the source of infinite wisdom, intelligence and substance within a whole new world is open to you and as you remain connected to your source it will lead you to finding the answers to your every question. Not just concerning marriage or your desire to be married, but all of life many questions.

Once you make your number one priority the desire to seek happiness within, you will indeed find it. This happiness does not ask for anything in return, as the world does. It is the everlasting, infinite flow of the divine essence within that is continuously seeking to lavish itself upon others. It is your true self-expression that is created in the image of God and that is simply seeking manifestation through you. That is why your soul incessantly longs for intimacy, longs for love, longs for companionship and marriage. This yearning is your true essence (God) seeking to bestow his pure nature (love) upon humanity.

They are many ways through which you can allow this pure flow of your divine essence to be expressed through you. Marriage is one of the many ways. Deciding to be married is a pure act of selflessness and unconditional love. It is an act of service. Just as Jesus said, the son of man came not to be served, but to serve.

In the process of God realization every act, every thought, every decision must be geared towards awakening others to their divine nature. This will require that you first be awakened to your divinity as you completely identify yourself to God within (the true source of Happiness).

You must also continuously drink from that Source within until your cup (your heart) overflows. From this overflowing others will drink also from the Spring of Life. As you are completely satisfied and content you will no longer be in need, for God (infinite supply) is enough. In this sufficiency you will only seek to give and not to merely receive. Your life purpose will then focus in celebrating the divine life within as you continuously allow it to flow through you and unto others.

In that consciousness all your desires will be divine and pure, for you will only seek to bless, to love and to give. Your desires can only bring divine manifestations. They will attract the right circumstances, the right events, the right people at the right time. All you need to do is simply rely on God's sufficiency, which is the source of true happiness within and all your desires will become tangible at the proper time. Just lose yourself in Him and let the divine flow of the pure essence within carry out every one of your desires!

So you Still want to be married? Of course you do! I will see you next time right here!

Until then, keep getting understanding!


A. Danielle Dagba

PS: Don't forget to pass this on to someone who might enjoy it, also feel free to pose questions or send comments via my personal email: divinebeing7@gmail.com
Friday, January 2, 2009

So You Want to Be Married - Article # 3

My daughter who is 10 years old said to me yesterday: "mom I can’t wait to get married". And I said to her, really honey how come? Well initially I wanted to say, girl, what is the matter with you, you are only 10, what do you know about marriage? But thanks be to God for his wisdom' I quickly changed my mind. She then replied, "well mom you know I want to be happy and have children of my own."

And I said to her honey, you have to be happy first. Happiness is inside of you and you must realize it first within. Once you do and you are happy than you are ready to share that happiness with others, you can then share it with your spouse and your children. I said to her you get married to give and not to receive. With that mindset you really have nothing to lose.

Is he the one? Will I be happily married? Why do I really, really,really want to get married? What is happiness? Today's article/teaching will treat these questions and many others, therefore stay tune. However prior to us delving into today's reading let us do a small recap.

I have gotten a lot of great feedback from many of you. And just like you I eagerly await to hear what the Spirit wants to teach us each time we meet.

So You want to be married
. So far we have been learning about desires and their fundamental nature. We said our desires are strong magnetic forces (or energy) that attract into our existence like energy. We also spoke about the importance of gaining understanding or 'light'. Energy needs light for proper direction and guidance. In other words you may desire to be married but what will make determine the outcome of that experience is your understanding of it.

Just like with everything else in life the more knowledgeable you are, the more intelligent (enlightened) you become, an the wiser you are in making your life choices. We said in parenthesis the importance of knowing not only oneself, but also knowing God personally and having an understanding of how the universe works. The comprehension of the interaction of God, Man and the universe is vital for complete spiritual development. Knowledge is power. Divine knowledge is the highest power.

We also spoke about some of the common reasons for which people tend to get married. We also said that the true cause is really unknown to many since only a few understand it or have taken the time to look deep within for it. And I believe this is where we are going to begin today's teaching.

See, there is something in each and every soul that originates from our invisible makeup. This thing is compelling us to seek Higher self expression. Well, what do I mean by that? There is this incessant drive within us that is demanding more expression for it won't settle for less. And this is why we do the things that we do. We are constantly switching jobs, or careers. We also relocate and make other life choices, because we are seeking for better life conditions and experiences. Deep within we are seeking for Happiness, which is the state of our true nature. It is really the underlying cause of having different goals, aspiration, dream and the likes. We want to be happy, we want to feel good. And that is our divine right.

However what many people fail to recognize is that Happiness is a state of being rather than doing. It is connecting to God , or Infinite Spirit and Being, for God is happiness. When you desire to be happy you are in fact seeking to connect to your origin, your first cause and your true nature, though you may not be aware of this truth at first. However your soul will keep longing to return to this secret place whence it came from and to experience total bliss. Yes for it was designed to do so.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You may have heard this before. The fact is we were born in a society that merely focuses on the physical. The truth is the spiritual (invisible) realm controls the physical (visible). In other words the cause controls the effects. Sadly the majority of us focus all of our energy on the effects thus denying their cause. God is the underlying cause of all that is. and That is why we must first seek the Kingdom as Jesus thought. The kingdom is within us. The source of all happiness is within you.

We should attract happy experiences because we are already happy and not because we are seeking to be happy. Only after you have found the Kingdom can you then enjoy its many riches. It is completely foolish to look for something where it is not.

The truth is people are seeking for better experiences and more life expression. However many are not seeking first for wisdom or ‘light’. Light and life goes hands in hands. Your level of light determine your level of life expression. As spirit beings we are here on earth to experience God, our true nature, and to experience happiness and bliss. This is our true destination and the cause of our existence. Unless we have this first level of understanding we will go through life without realizing our divine purpose and destiny.

You want to be married not because you have found the right one, or have fallen in love, or want to settle down. The truth is you want to be happy and you want to attract enjoyable experiences and you are hoping being married will fulfill those desires. My friend these are blind desires because they are completely foolish; they contain no light (divine wisdom). There is no such thing as ‘I have found the one’, you have attracted 'this one'.

You will attract someone who is a perfect match to your vibrations. Energy attracts like energy. You will realize that as you grow in spiritual understanding you will inevitably attract different people and circumstances in your experiences. The people in your life will be a perfect match to your energy. Your level of light (divine wisdom) will determine your level of life expression (divine energy or love).

If you reflect back on some of your former relationships you will see what I am talking about. Some of the people you used to hang out with 5 years ago are no longer part of your immediate circle of friends, unless you are not growing spiritually. If you keep attracting the same people and life experiences that really means you are not developing spiritually.

Some people say I want to settle down, this maybe true, however the answer is not necessarily to rush and get married.

Many people are experiencing ups and downs in their lives due to their lack of the spiritual knowledge that will set them free from the bondage of the world negative influence. And what happens is instead of seeking within themselves they would rather seek without, because they are looking for a quick escape or a quick remedy to their problems. And often times getting married seem like the next best thing. But those challenges are simply wisdom in disguise seeking to teach them the best lessons in life, unfortunately many refuse to learn and they keep attracting the same experiences. And those experiences will keep showing up in their lives until they are willing to learn and ready to take control over those circumstances.

Some of the ideas expressed in this article may sound familiar, some maybe brand new, nevertheless I would advise you to ponder on each one carefully and expand your consciousness as you tap within the source of wisdom within, who is your first cause and the underlying principle of all your desires. Your level of connection to your Source will determine the level of expression of that Source, which is happiness, love, peace and joy. Your level of God awareness or presence within will determine your level of understanding and Life Expression. Therefore SEEK FIRST UNDERSTANDING.

So You Want to be Married? Stay tune for next week's article.

Until next time,

In love,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So You Want To Be Married - Article # 2

Last week we introduced this powerful subject – "So You Want to Be Married" – the more I ponder on it the more interesting it gets. By the way at this point if you haven’t read last week's article I suggest you check out the archive at anytime or you may click ---> here. You may also want to read it again to refresh your mind.

I heard back from some of our readers. Thank you. All of your questions will be answered, I am sure. Papa God hears every single one of our questions and concerns and the Holy Spirit will answer all of us in time. Let us continue on this exciting journey.

We previously spoke about desires. I would like for us to pick it up from here, because without understanding we are blind and our emotions can get the best of us. Love without wisdom is foolishness, it is completely blind.

When we first desire something it may seem as if we know what we want. This first level of knowledge, which is not a knowledge at all, may fool us. And we may at that point decide that it is a done deal so to speak. We may say I know this is what I want and that settles it. This knowledge is simply based on our initial feelings, and it gives a false appearance, it is more of a superficial knowledge rather than an inner knowing.

The truth is you don’t really know for sure what you really, really, really want. You have simply made up your mind about a particular desire and have held on to it. And if you hold on to it long enough, it will eventually take form or manifest in the physical realm.

But here is the tricky part when it does manifest will it bring lasting results? What I mean to ask is will it bring true fulfillment, happiness and Joy?

Ok here is the deal, we are living in an intelligent world/universe. The universe is immensely intelligent, it is also a vast field of endless opportunities. Within our beingness is a universe. Our mind is also a field of endless opportunities. Like the popular saying if you can conceive it you can achieve it.

Everything around us is Energy vibrating at various degrees of intelligence or some call it ‘light’. Our emotions are energy in motion. They send forth in the universe vibratory forces that attract like energy. We must first grasp these fundamental principles if we are to understand the underlying cause of our desires and know how to manifest what we truly want and not what we don’t want.

When we observe the universe, the sun, the moon, the trees, - everything functions so perfectly. There is evidently an invisible informative intelligent Mind that is causing the sun and the moon to alternate, the seasons to take turn, the grass and the trees, and the flower to produce and to grow. This is Divine Mind. This is God in action or divine mind in expression.

The same phenomenon takes place within the human body. That same informative intelligent life is working in every cell of our body. Do you ever wonder what makes your organs, your cells and your tissues work so diligently giving you a perfect bodily function? I mean every cell in our body, that is billion of them, knows exactly what to do on their own. When was the last time you consciously tell your heart to beat or your lungs to work properly. They each have been programmed by an Intelligence to work the way they should.

At this point you may wonder what does the universe and the cells of our body have to do with our desire to be married. It has a lot to do with it and you will soon see why. You see they are 3 fundamental knowledge: God, Man and the Universe. In order for us to walk in complete dominion we must grow in intelligence by learning how all three work and interfere with one another.

So clearly there is a small universe within the big universe. God (Divine Mind) is the underlying cause or Principle within both. We also understand that God has designed the universe at large to function in a specific way just as the cells of our body have been programmed to work in a particular manner. This involuntary action that takes place in the universe and within the human organism come from the subconscious mind.

The universe has a soul, just as we do. The subconscious mind in Man is referred to also as the heart. The bible teaches us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life. Our heart has been pre-programmed by God to do some work involuntarily, that is without the interference of our conscious mind. However we can consciously program it with our own information because of our own personal will and desires.

This brings us back to the main topic of this article: Understanding the fundamental nature of our desires. This is key and we will explore this subject more in depth in our next article.

But here is what you must keep in mind at this point. Our desires are strong magnetic forces that are continuously shaping the course of our lives. Desiring to be married is one of the most common and popular desires in our society. Wanting to be married is one thing, however Understanding the underlying nature of that desire is another. Understanding gives light, the more you understand Man, the Universe and the Divine Mind and how they interact with each other the more intelligent and wiser you become in living the life you truly deserve. In addition you become more empowered in making your life choices.

You see God Mind or Divine intelligence is at work throughout the universe, its set in motion all the elements. However energy needs light. Our emotions (energy) need divine guidance (light) or they will create chaos and confusion, which will attract in our experiences what we don’t really want. Desiring to be married is an individual choice, however what is the real cause?

Every Cause has its corresponding effect. The more enlightened is the cause, the more powerful the effect. You are in total control of the choices you make in your life and those choices will determine the outcome of your life experiences. Therefore Seek first understanding (light), love your soul.

I will see you next time, right here!

Happy Holidays!
Monday, December 15, 2008

So you want to be married?

Well for most people this desire has already been fulfilled. However this is an interesting subject and I believe many can relate to it one way or another, because each one of us falls into one of the following categories: We are either married, divorced, never been married, separated, single and desire to get married or we know at least one person who wants to be married or is married.

So this topic is for everyone. Therefore I hope you read on though you may feel like marriage is the last thing on your mind right now. We can all learn from this, so stay with me.

So you want to be married?

This question kept arising in my conscious mind from the subconscious. When I first heard the question I was like, I am already married, why would the same question keep popping up in my mind and I wanted to discard the idea all together. But it kept echoing in my spirit and I knew then that the Holy Spirit wanted to speak to us about this interesting subject.

So after wrestling with the idea for weeks, I finally said to God this morning, ok Daddy I am ready to be your scribe. I truly believe that He is the one who does the work through me, I only need to comply and remove myself out of the way and allow his ideas to unfold into my spirit, then into this keyboard and into your PC.

People want to be married for several reasons. Some of us have desired this for as long as we could remember. But what is desire? It is almost impossible to talk about this topic and not make an attempt to define the term 'desire'.

Desire is energy. It is energy in motion. Desires naturally express our hearts. They are the true expressions of our beingness and they direct the course of our lives. Therefore they must not be ignored. For they shape our very existence and our future. As a matter of fact we must explore our desires in order to understand their fundamental nature or else this driven force that is so innate in every soul might lead us to confusion or heartache. Therefore we need light (understanding).

A desire to be married for example is a goal that many people have in common. Most people and women in particular have dreamed of being married and have pictured their wedding day for as long as they could possibly remember. It is important to remember that whatever we imagine in our minds and strongly feel (desire) in our hearts will sooner or later outpicture in our lives. This is a fact.

If you strongly desire to be married one day and/or to have children and you continuously picture yourself surrounded by a husband and children, you will undoubtedly get married and eventually have children of your own.

Our desires send forth vibrational energy in the universe, and attract circumstances, events and people that are of the same vibrational resonance as our desires.

However what will determine the course of your marriage is your level of understanding not only of marriage, but of yourself, your life destiny and purpose, and also your vision. This level of understanding requires that one seeks first within one's own heart.

As I aforementioned desires come from the heart and they shape our lives and that is why when we desire something we must first seek to have a knowledge (deep understanding) of that thing. Or else our desires will be blinded, that is without pure light and true guidance. And we must not assume that we know, but rather we must ask ourselves some deep questions by doing a soul search.

The questions we must ask ourselves should be something like this: why do I want to be married? What is marriage? Most people would immediately say I want to settle down and start a family, some would say I want to be happy or share my life with someone.

Those are some of the popular answers we have heard throughout the ages. They jump out of our minds almost instantly. Other people believe they are 'in love' or have found their soul mate or 'the right one'. But deep within there is a real reason. There is a thirst, mostly unknown to the majority of people for very few have taken the time and are brave enough to search deep within the core of their being for the real answer.

Stay tune for the next article. We are going to explore many great ideas together. I would love to hear from you, it will make writing on this topic more fun and more interactive. Feel free to post a comment here at this blog at the end of each article, or for more privacy you may write me at divinebeing7@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you very soon and I will see you next week, right here!

Merry Holidays!

A. Danielle Dagba

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