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Friday, February 13, 2009

So You Want to Be Married - Article # 7

The more we take the time to work on our personalities the better prepared we are for marriage or any other relationships for that matter. And only then can we clearly identify who we are not we can freely embrace who we really are.

You will also realize that in essence you are not different from God and you are not different from your brother. This is love, the ability to see your Self in others.

Whatever we express in thoughts, deeds, feelings or actions, is the product of your character or personality. And if those expressions are not producing peace, order, joy and happiness in our life experiences they are clearly not conveying our true personality.

The experiences that we are currently facing in our lives, whether we judge them as being 'good' or 'bad', are opportunities given to us to seek the fundamental truths that will shed the light that reveals our true character and life purpose.

We are originally divine, therefore Love is our essence. Well what is love? Love is pure energy. It is the divine power that has brought us forth. It is the life of God or the BREATH of God that causes us to live and to be. It therefore flows through us freely as long as we interfere not with its current. Love is the nature of God in us for we are born of God. Inherent in our nature are divine potentialities or power. In essence this power is love. And this is what you truly are - pure energy.

When we become aware of God’s presence in our lives we are awakened to this truth. The better we know God the more aware we are of his presence. This awareness is the basis for our identification in Him. However fear and ignorance often block this awareness.

The better you understand Divine Mind (namely God) the more enligthened you become. Your level of awareness of God determines your level of expression of Life or divine love. It is impossible to discover who you are unless you seek first to know who God is.. Not the head knowledge of some false conception of God or the false image of God that religion conveys, but I am speaking about a personal relationship with your source, first cause and creator. The father of your spirit.

Prior to desiring to be married or to fulfill any other wishes or goals in life our primary focus should aim at becoming a pure vessel or embodiment of Divine love; this is our true purpose and seeking to realize it should be our number one priority.

The knowledge of your true divine self brings about the manifestation of your divine nature. Knowledge is power. The more you seek to know who you truly are the more empowered you become in realizing your divinity and destiny. Love, your perfect self expression will manifest through you and in everything that you do. Love will bind everything together and attract into your life the expreriences that will create peace and harmony.

You may desire to be married or to attract the right person into your life. Or maybe you are seeking to improve your current relationship. Put those desires on hold for a while and desire first to realize your true divine self. This is what Jesus meant when he taught us to seek first the kingdom. It is that desire to be love that will attract loving experiences into our world.

The Holy Spirit is ready to help you discover who you are not so that you can see who you truly are. He is the dispenser of pure life and energy.

The voice for Truth is your ever present help in time of need and He is your Supreme Teacher. Let Him reveal to you what you truly desire to know and allow him to infuse in every fiber of your being the divine substance that will bring about your divine manifestations. Finally do everything in love as Apostle Paul teaches; in other words don't do anything unless divine life compels you to.

I know you may have many desires, among which maybe the desire to manifest the right husband or wife. Or maybe you are already in a relationship or engaged to be married or perhaps you are seeking to improve your current relationship. It is important to desire all of the above. But you must first focus all your energy on what is urgent right now, which is the realization of your true divine self.

This is what the bible means by you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. It is gathering all our energy in getting the divine substance that we need in order to realize our true Self. When are our energy is divided we experience disharmony and disorder. That is why you must first focus on what is urgent right now.

Focusing on what is urgent is the substance (foundation )that you need in order to manifest what is important. Realizing God is the ultimate purpose of your soul journeying on earth. Do what is urgent and what is important will fall into place on its own.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba


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